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Girse Outdoor BBQ Stove and Outdoor Fireplace, Garden Firepits


Girse, stunning wood fired patio heater / outdoor oven BBQ.

Create theatre in your garden with this feature fire, keeping your guests warm at night and impressing them with a range of cooking options.

This Girse Stainless Steel Outdoor Stove and BBQ and Wood fired patio heater is a design piece for your garden. You can cook a variety of styles to suit your tastes, this outdoor fireplace is great for pizza, grills and kebabs.

The Outdoor stove comes with an insulated firebox, which is protected at the rear making it ideal to use against fencing or shrubbery. With many sleek design features and exceptional functionality, this fireplace will create a focal point for your patio as well as taking the traditional BBQ to a new level of outdoor cooking experience. 

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