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Girse Outdoor BBQ Stove and Outdoor Fireplace, Garden Firepits


This Girse Stainless Steel Outdoor Stove and BBQ and Wood fired patio heater is a design piece for your garden. You can cook a variety of styles to suit your tastes, this outdoor fireplace is great for pizza, grills and kebabs. The Outdoor stove comes with an insulated firebox, which is protected at the rear making it ideal to use against fencing or shrubbery. With many sleek design features and exceptional functionality, this fireplace will create a stunning focus for your patio as well as taking the traditional bbq to a new level of outdoor cooking experience. 

Material: 100% stainless steel, traditionally crafted to make each one individual and you can leave out all year without rusting.
Double Walled and Curved Hood for easy grilling, detachable for maximum warmth
Heat resisted to 1300 degrees c 
Attractive Wood fired effective patio heater, projects the heat over 4m to keep your guests warm at night.
Storage compartment for Wood or bbq accessories
Moveable on robust castors, easy to move around the terrace.
Adjustable height BBQ grate 
Available in three diameters depending on your space requirements:
60cm Diameter  x Height 195cm : 70cm Diameter x 225cm,  80cm Diameter x 265cm
Colours: Classic Black, Silver Grey, Metallic Brown
Quality german engineering.
Girse Design is a traditional and family owned company, which specialise in stainless steel outdoor fireplaces that are elegant in design and made to an exceptionally high quality.

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