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Vulcan Zinc Gas Outdoor Firepit, Outdoor Fires and Fire Pits


The Vulcan Zinc Gas Outdoor Fire Pits are available in two strikingly simple designs and offering warmth and practicality with either the Square or the Slim. With Spring around the corner, this is the perfect way to extend your evening in the garden. 

We have selected these contemporary pieces, which are produced by the traditional process of dipping the hand made objects into molten zinc. It is the unique recreation of the molten zinc process that gives the beautiful natural finish and enables the fire pits to blend so well within any spa garden, courtyard or interior space.

Material: Hot Zinc dipped steel. 
Square:  80cm x80cm x35cm 
Slim:  120cm x50cm x35cm 
These Fire Pits come complete with:
18 Kw Burner,
Lava rocks and all the sundries for installation.
Zinc table top for dual usage as an outdoor table. 

The Fire Pits can be fuelled by either Natural Gas or LPG (Bottled Gas) and are designed to produce a rich flame, emulating a natural wood fire. The body of the fire pit is made from our signature hot Zinc dipped Steel and comes with a Zinc Table top, giving the Fire Pit the ability to be used as an outdoor table.

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