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Wooden Tripod for Cacoon Hanging Lounger, Outdoor Garden Furniture

This exceptional quality wooden tripod is a magnificent arc shape created to hold your Cacoon indoors or outdoors. The Cacoon is a super comfy hanging pod and a space to chill out, hang out and to relax. This is your indoor swing chair,  your hammock and your hanging garden retreat, all in one. The single Cacoon is large enough for one adult or two children. 
The timber is pressure treated and should last for 10 years
We recommend that the tripod is washed down and coated with Danish oil or any other outdoor wood treatment once a year and stored over winter and enjoy up to 25 years use from it.
Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
Hanging floor space required 2.55m
We have used the Cacoon's as relaxation chairs in a number of the spas that we have designed, because they are so easy to move around and lovely place for relaxation. 

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