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Hanging Garden Swing Chair with Stand [Single]

£1,325.00 £1,450.00

This gorgeous Wooden Garden Swing Chair spherical shaped swing chair is carefully made by hand from weather-resistant, FSC-certified, dip-impregnated spruce, with bonded layers for maximum stability and safety. The chair hangs from a solid wood frame and allows you to swing freely creating a truly relaxing chair. 

The Chair and Stand Includes: 
1 x Swing Chair Wooden Seat Frame,
1x Padded Cushion with choice of colours
1 x Wooden Stand & Metal Hangings
1 x Outdoor Cover
Chair Dimensions:
Frame Height: 170cm , Frame Width: 127cm , Frame Depth: 136cm 
Seat Height: 121cm, Seat Width: 118cm, Seat: Depth: 69cm
Cushions colours: Natural

The fabric on these chairs needs to be protected from the rain

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