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Egg Planter Designer Pots Black and White Check, Outdoor Poolside Planting, Spa Living

£120.00 £520.00

These dramatic Egg Planter Designer Pots are perfect for an interior or exterior design that requires a planter to create a focus and feature. We have selected these planters for exceptionally high quality which are hand finished and dipped in an array of stunning metallic colours. Use the planters on your terrace, balcony or indoors in a hallway to make a fantastic statement of colour.  

Material: Amazing glass fibre technology
Strong but lightweight 
Unique long life quality
Available in a variety of stunning dipped metallic colours: Gold, Black, White, Silver and Orange.
Uses: Poolside Planting and Sculpture, Outdoor Garden Design, Outdoor garden accessories
Dimensions: Small, Medium. Large or buy the set 
Weight: 5,10,15 kilos 
Designer: Satu Bumi
Small  D40cm x 40cm x H40cm £120
Medium D50cm x 50cm x H50cm  £150
Large D75cm x 75cm x H63cm £250
Set of 3 Special Price £450

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