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Outdoor Chiselled Bowl Planter, Outdoor water feature, Large


The Outdoor Chiselled Bowl Planted adds an oriental twist to your garden.  If you don't have space for a pond, this large reinforced bowl is the perfect solution to create your own water feature. This very attractive shallow bowl that looks like stone that can be used to grow outdoor plants, to add a touch of spa tranquility to your garden or terrace. The chiselled bowl is made in two parts and made with glass fibre reinforced concrete technology that is amazingly strong and yet lighter than stone to move around.  

Material: Amazing glass fibre technology
Strong but lightweight 
Unique long life quality
Colour : Green Verdigris
Uses: Poolside Sculpture, garden design, outdoor accessories, outdoor water feature
Bowl H25 x W120 x D120 cm
Base H15 x W40 x D40 cm
Weight: 55 kilos
The bowl has a separate base.
As seen in Modern Garden Magazine www.moderngardenmagazine.co.uk 
Chiselled Bowl review in Modern Garden Magazine

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