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Izmir Cotton Turkish Fouta Towels, Spa Bathrobes and Towels


The Izmir Cotton Turkish Fouta Towel is a luxurious towel in a herringbone weave cotton. It comes in a striking cool silver or warm pebble colour and it is that it can be used as a throw or a bath towel. The Izmir towels are a little heavier and more luxurious in their feel. This towel is woven on a traditional loom in herringbone and diamond weaves. The Turkish towel is rapidly taking the place of a traditional terry towel especially in spas, as they are much lighter, fast drying and far more stylish. There are two designs, Herringbone and Diamond. The Herringbone towels come in a white with cool silver or warm pebble stripe. The Diamond weave towels also come in two shades; Cool Silver or Warm Pebble and both with a single white stripe at both ends.

Material: 100% Pure Turkish Cotton 
Dimensions: Extra long 100cm x 180cm
Uses: Modern bathroom towel, beach towel, bed or sofa throw, poolside lounger towel 
Direction for use: Machine wash at 40 degrees (the more you wash them the softer they get)
Designs: Herringbone, Diamond. 
Colours: Cool Silver, Warm Pebble 
These towels can be rolled or folded. Because of the fine fabric they wont take up too much space in your luggage. 
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 These towels are made in a family run factory in a region of Turkey that has been producing Hammam towels for over 600 years. 

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