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Iron Arab Stallion Sculpture, Damon Price


Damon Price creates stunning sculptures and has a particular talent for sculptures of horses. This majestic animal has a tangible energy in its muscular body. The sculpture is created with clay that is covered in coldcast iron. The clay is then removed to reveal this powerful creature. The finish is aged iron and is designed to be suitable to feature indoors or outdoors. 

Height 107cm Width 122cm Depth 61cm 
Material: Rusted Iron
Weight : 40 kilos including the plinth
Plinth: Solid oak beams from a 16th century coaching  house. 

The horse and the plinth are delivered in one piece.

We love Damon's work which is particularly concerned with anatomy and physical form, but also creating diverse surface finishes from use of metals, paints, resins and other materials – either by adding them onto the sculpted surface, or by working them into the process at the time of production. Originally hailing from Castleford, Damon Price now lives and works in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. His workshop faces down the Colne Valley towards the dramatic Pennine Hills, and the rugged landscape is a constant source of inspiration. 

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