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Photographic Art, Hilary Stock Photographer, 9 Images in Boxed Frame


This stunning photographic art has been created by the talented photographer, Hilary Stock. Her work has been used in a number of coastal spas including Watergate Bay Hotels and Scarlet and Bedruthan Hotels in Mawgen Porth.  The picture is created with 9 individual images which are raised and mounted in one large frame. 

Each Limited Edition is limited to 25 prints only , Every picture is embossed and hand signed 
Dimensions: Height 64cm x Width 47.5cm Depth 4.5cm
Materials: Archival photographic paper which is hand folded into a three dimensional block
White painted wooden frame, Non reflective art glass to create the highest colour intensity
 Aquamarine Hilary stock AQUAMARINE. In some Cornish creeks, you can still find working boatyards tucked away where old restoration skills are being kept alive, and new boats are being made from scratch. At Gweek boatyard, on the upper reaches of the Helford River, shipwrights work to return boats to their former glory. There is a unique moment in spring when vessels reveal their past through their layers of old paint.
 Low Tide Hilary StockLOW TIDE Low tide seems a time of space and contemplation, when harbours and coves open up to be explored. It is hidden worlds and unleashed imagination. This was a moment on a bright cold February morning, when I took a short cut across St Ives harbour to meet a friend standing on the far side. My heart lifts in Cornwall and I always want to carry that joy away with me.
 Loula's Friend Hilary StockLOULUA’S FRIEND IN GWEEK BOATYARD. Loulua and her friend sat comfortably close together. Loulua was the grander vessel and all eyes should have been drawn to her. Instead, heads turned to Loulua’s friend, her paintwork in transition. When these ladies are undressed, they reveal such fascinating colours.
 Blue Fisherman's HutBLUE FISHERMAN’S HUT AT CAPE CORNWALL. Cape Cornwall can feel like the end of the earth, particularly when the mist is rolling in over the sea, the foghorn is sounding and no-one is around. Now a protected site, these little buildings are a celebration of ingenuity. This day was unbelievable grey, and yet the blue sung out - a testament to the optimism of survival.
Hattie II Hilary Stock HATTIE II. One of my favourite haunts in early spring is Gweek Boatyard. I love the beauty of paints past, revealed in the under layers that are exposed, briefly,for all to see. Hattie had been a boat of many colours, and these appear merged by the sanding process, giving a hint of her old coat – and a suggestion of the next.
Flamingos Hilary StockFLAMINGOS. In the pools of southern and central Sardinia, you’ll often find flamingos on migration from Africa to The Camargue. Some have given up on the commuter life and settled year round into more domestic ponds. I found this flamingo asleep near Cagliari, asleep in the setting sun.
 Low Tide at HolkamLOW TIDE AT HOLKHAM. One of the joys of Holkham beach is the walk through the pine trees, which suddenly opens up into an enormous vista and a horizon that goes on forever. It was low tide, and the patterns in the sand were enhanced by the reflections of the clear blue sky. I felt I could walk forever.
 Istanbul Taps ISTANBUL TAPS. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul was so called because of the beauty of the blue tiles inside. Mounted on the marble wall, these taps get so regularly used and polished that they shine out. The beauty of these simple functional objects was fascinating, in keeping with the mosque itself.
Hilary began her working life making documentary features for BBC Radio 4, using her background in anthropology. She has travelled widely, most recently in Ladakh and Instanbul, and has lived twice in India – first in Kochi, Kerala and later in Delhi. Her grandmother lived in Mousehole, Cornwall, where her mother grew up and where Hilary still spends much of her time. For her Cornish series, she drew inspiration from the neighbouring port of Newlyn, as well as St Ives, Polruan and Gweek Boatyard.

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