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Cocoon Table Nice & Nasty Teak Rectangular Outdoor Fires and Fire Pits


This sophisticated Outdoor Fire Pit Table called Nice & Nasty is perfectly designed to recreate the warmth and attraction of an outdoor fire without the smoke of a traditional wood burner. This Nice & Nasty Firepit Table has a teak look. The exterior features beautifully finished wood effect planks and they look robust but also naturally warm. The Nice & Nasty table will look great on your patio or balcony. The perfect way to create instant warmth to enjoy with friends. The built-in top plate of the Cocoon Table is black. The gas bottle is hidden inside the table.The tables are fully equipped and you don’t have to worry about maintenance and safety. We also offer convenient side tables and a protective glass casing.

The Cocoon Table Nice & Nasty Rectangular Firepit 
PVC protection cover and 250 cm CE-approved rubber gas hose.
The burner is nicely camouflaged with optical logs and lava rocks.
The top plate can be chosen in Black or Grey
Dimensions : length 1100mm x Width 800mm x Depth 675mm
Weight : 37 / 42 kilos ( including the side panels and glass casing) 
Instant heat as soon as turned on without the release of any smoke
Electronic Ignition, Flame Size Control
The fire is ignited by the electronic ignition and flame height can be adjusted by using a dial, both finely processed in a stainless steel panel.
Includes Free protective case.
Gas bottle not included. 
Made in Holland
Side tables for Nice & Nasty Fire pits  Glass casing for Nice & Nasty Table
Optional extras side table £164.50
Glass casing £295

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