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Concrete Outdoor Kitchen


Create your own unique, flexible outside kitchen in your very own garden, terrance or poolside! Play around with the interchanging modules and create the perfect combination for you and your party. Spending quality time dining alfresco in your own home with family and friends couldn't be easier.

This concrete kitchen table includes a inox shelf and has 3 openings and we have created 2 options to chose from - 

Concrete Table Size - 1800mm Wide x 600mm Depth x 950mm High

Charcoal Burner Option 1 (Inox Finish) - Charcoal Burner + Teppanyaki Plate + Skewer Holder + Salad Bowl/Wine Cooler + Sink with Faucet + Wind Shield + Warming Rack + Lid + 2 x Close Lids.

Gas Burner Option 2 (Inox Finish) - Gas Burner + Teppanyaki Plate + Skewer Holder + Salad Bowl/Wine Cooler + Sink with Faucet + Wind Shield + Warming Rack + 2 x Close Lids. 

Sink can be connected to your garden hose. 

If you would like to change or combine any of the options above please call our team to to discuss, T - 0118 947 1857 

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