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Diving into the Ocean of Life, Dawn Conn


'Diving into the ocean of life' is a beautiful and strong sculpture capturing the essence and epitome of woman. This piece is lovingly hand crafted and channeled with memories and emotion. She is triumphant and overcoming fears with her confident pose, ready to take that first step onto the unknown. She celebrates the female form at any stage of life and accepting our bodies with joy. Trusting, encouraging and believing in not only ourselves but one another. 

Medium used - Bronze Resin. Ideal in an outdoor setting, positioned by a pond, pool or body of water. 

Dimensions : 1200mm Wide x 400mm Depth x 1250mm High

Bases available at additional cost, please get in contact with us on 0118 947 1857 to discuss your options. Bases options : Timber, Sandstone, Brick, Rock, Concrete.

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