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Noble Isle candles are made in England and finished by hand with a fine balance of wax, wick and fragrance to create a superb aromatic candle that create a lovely ambience and warmth to a room. These Noble Isle fragrances are refreshingly different from many other fragrances and their candles are exceptionally good. We like the bittersweet fragrance reminiscent of the dewy wake-up of a Yorkshire spring, with cleansing extract of rhubarb and notes of juniper berry and muddled rosemary.
Candle dimensions: 90 x 80mm
This candle is presented in beautiful quality soft pink and black presentation box.


Noble Isle use quintessentially British ingredients that celebrate our rich cultural history. Noble Isle’s sumptuous lotions and washes feature extracts sourced from some of the most celebrated local producers from England, Ireland Scotland and Wales.

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