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Skin Care and Body Ritual, Aromatherapy Associates


Creating some time for a skincare body boost for your face and body even on a monthly basis will reap rewards with your skin tone and texture. Treat your skin to a luxurious polishing enzyme peel (this uses enzymes rather than scrubby bits and works really effectively to remove dead skin cells). Follow with the Anti -Ageing Overnight Repair Mask that absorbs into your skin whilst you sleep. Run a warm bath and relax in the Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil, you only need a few drops! You will wake up to a glowing completion and feeling recharged and ready to go ! 

Collection Includes: 1 x 50ml Polishing Essential Enzyme Peel, 1 x 50ml Anti- Ageing Overnight Repair Mask,1 x 9ml Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil 

You can experience a luxurious treatment with this range amongst others at The Mere Golf Resort and Spa

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