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Turkish Towelling Hammam Towels

These Turkish Hammam Towels are made with the finest Turkish cotton. On one side they are made with smooth fine cotton, on the other side they are made with absorbent and super soft terry towelling. Each Turkish Hammam Towel is hand finished with cotton tassels. These Hammam Towels are super absorbent and fast drying which makes a practical and lightweight alternative to a traditional towel. You can use them in the bathroom or on the beach. Hammam Towels are often used in a spa because they are extra long, they are lovely to wrap around your body and they dry really quickly. Hammam Towels can also be used as a stylish summer bed or sofa throw. These towels are made in a family run factory in a region of Turkey that has been producing Hammam towels for over 600 years. 
Material: 100% Pure Turkish Cotton 
Dimensions: 90cm x 170cm 
Uses: Traditional bathroom towel, beach towel, bed or sofa throw, lounger towel 
Direction for use: Machine wash at 40 degrees (the more you wash them the softer they get)
Colours: Pure White, Pebble.  
These towels can be rolled or folded. Because of the fine fabric they wont take up too much space in your luggage. 
Our Large Laundry and Towel Basket is not included. For more information on this Large Rattan Laundry basket click on the image below 

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