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Aqualife 6 Hydromassage Spa Pool, Spa at Home


Aqualife 6 Hydromassage Spa Pool for your home. The Aqualife 6 is a spa for six people that features a fully-equipped lounger and seats for five people. Totally ergonomic, it has a full hydromassage circuit that gives up to six different types of massage, designed to have a number of beneficial effects on the body: relax muscles, give a lymphatic massage and relieve stress.

Equipped with a powerful massage pump and the innovative RELAX IMPACT SYSTEM, the spa gives users numerous options for enjoying the full benefits of a massage. The spa is equipped with the SILENT PUMP system, which delivers high quality filtration thanks to its separate filtration circuit and high performing pump. It also comes with the CLEAN WATER system, which thanks to its ozone generator removes all kinds of bacteria from the water, thus keeping it crystalline and ready for daily use.

The Spa Liner is White. The Cabinet coating is available in Graphite or Thunder

Specifications  Features
Spa dimensions (cm)  216 x 198 x 90 (± 1cm) 21 Jets in the spa 
Number of seats in the spa 6 16 Spa air nozzles
Water Volume in Litres 980 l 3 Spa with headrests
Spa weight (empty - full)

330 Kg / 1.310 Kg

Spa with Balboa System Control Panel
Spa massage pump  

1.800 W / 2,5 HP

Spa with galvanised metal structure
Spa blower pump

400 W

Energy Saving Cover           
Spa filter pump        

250 W

Stainless steel nozzles
Electric spa heater   

3.000 W

Spa includes filter Cartridge

Power requirements

Low Amp (W)/(A) to 230 V 3.261W / 14,2 A

Spa with Ozonator for Clean Water   

Spa voltage   

230 V / 400 V III

Chromotherapy LED spotlight         

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