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Cocoon Table Fire Bowl, Outdoor Fires and Fire Pits


The Cocoon Table Fire Bowl is a modern Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit. This sophisticated Outdoor Fire Pit is perfectly designed to recreate the warmth and attraction of an outdoor fire without the smoke of a traditional wood burner. This gas fire Outdoor Fire Pit creates a stunning feature focal point in gardens, terraces, patios or even balconies. The Cocoon Table Fire Bowl is made of very strong and weatherproof composite that looks like stone. This makes them resistant to extreme heat and cold temperatures which means they can remain outside throughout the winter outdoors (covered with supplied case). Enjoy outdoor living with a stunning flame, light and warmth, without sparks or smoke.

The fire of the Cocoon Table Fire bowl is powered by a stainless steel gas-burner of 19.5kW & 12 kW
The Cocoon Tables are supplied with 4 logs and 4 kg of lava stones
PVC protection cover and 250 cm CE-approved rubber gas hose.
The burner is nicely camouflaged with optical logs and lava rocks.
There are three colour options, Black, Grey or Taupe 
Dimensions : 910mm x 910 cm x 460mm 
Weight : 35 kilos 
Instant heat as soon as turned on without the release of any smoke
Electronic Ignition, Flame Size Control
The fire is ignited by the battery operated electronic ignition and flame height can be adjusted by using a dial, both finely processed in a stainless steel panel.
Attractive Curvaceous design
The connection to the gas connection tube to the fire table can be camouflaged with hose and avoid tripping hazard. To cover the gas cylinder we have supply a PVC Cover. 

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