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Hand On Heart Light Touch Therapy / Oncology - 85 mins


This deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment is suitable for all and created to help you reach a sense of deep peace and calm. Smooth, slow and rhythmic gentle touch is applied to the scalp, face, back and shoulders. The facial eases any tension held within the face and also replenishes, nourishes and revives the skin, using luxurious 100% organic oils and balms. (also suitable for people living with and recovering from cancer).

The Made for Life Organics treatments are beneficial for anyone who has been dealing with stress or anxiety, and they are specially designed for those going through or recovering from Cancer and other illnesses, and have been developed alongside oncology experts.

The Made for Life Products are 100% organic, free from animal testing and lovingly hand-blended in Cornwall.


The Treatment Room, 9 Courtenay Drive, Emmer Green. Berkshire. RG4 8XH. For enquiries email: 

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