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Intensive De-Stress Muscle Release Massage - 60 mins


An intensive massage that works deep into stiff, tight and aching muscles, to help  release pain and tension from your head to your toes, This is a Classic full body massage for your back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, head and scalp. while at the same time easing a stressed mind. 

Spa Living full body massage treatments are 60 minutes long and tailored to your specific needs. Before your treatment, you will be asked to complete a consultation form which your therapist will then use to ensure you receive the best massage treatment for your needs.

Products: This treatment uses De-Stress Muscle Gel and De-Stress Body massage oil. 

24 hour cancellation policy 
The Treatment Room, 9 Courtenay Drive, Emmer Green. Berkshire. RG4 8XH. For enquiries email: 

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