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Kettle Bells


These sophisticated kettle bells bring design and aesthetics to a level not seen in any fitness suite, it brings function and form with perfectly shaped and finely detailed design.

Luxury Workout

The stainless steel, solid wood handle and high quality polished brass are created in a new laying technique making this handle durable and stable. These kettle bell are not only pleasing to the eye they are in a league of its own. 

Available in American Walnut or Maple handle


8kg/18lbs : 270 mm H x 145mm Diameter

12kg/26lbs : 290 mm H x 165mm Diameter

16kg/34lbs : 310 mm H x 180mm Diameter

Call for more details and availability +44 (0) 118 947 1857 + 44 (0) 118 9471857

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