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Lightlux Lantern


Lightlux is a lantern in a contemporary and Nordic design. These lanterns are perfect for lighting up the late summer evenings, shed or your home during the winter. Lightlux changes its appearance when lit, as the light elegantly spreads through each narrow glass section, creating light and shadow to your décor. Lightlux has diverse functions, for instance as storage for delicious herbs or flowers too. The powder coated aluminium frame with a Grade A teak handle for a warm touch, makes a lovely contrast. The LED solar unit sheds a beautiful glow in the lanterns in which creates a cosy atmosphere in your space. The LED solar unit comes with a remote and has different settings and a timer for ease when in use.


Small : Height 410 mm x 250mm Diameter 

Large : Height 540 mm x 250 mm Diameter 

For more details give one of the team a call 0118 9471857

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