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Lay Z Spa

Mauritius Air-Jet [Lay Z Spa]


The Mauritius AirJet Plus is our brand new embossed wood finish oval shape hot tub, both great for socialising, relaxing and unwinding. This oval Lay-Z Spa is made of ultra-strong DuraPlus internal beams and outer walls that offer superior structural stability and cushioned comfort. The outer liner is complete with an embossed realistic-feel wood design. Be invigorated by the powerful 180 AirJet massage system [all around the bottom circumference], which allows for deep relaxation in cloud of bubbles.

The pump's rapid heating system brings the water quickly to a blissful 40°C and can be used with the energy saving timer. The regulated rapid heating system allows you to choose a temperature while the hot tub continues to heat, massage and filter at the same time. 

The Mauritius AirJet is easy to set up and inflated in around 10 minutes and ready to fill with water. It also comes with a reinforced insulated protective cover, with an inflatable lid and securing clips. The Freeze Shield technology, premium DuraPlus Material, energy saving timer, advanced safety feature, ChemConnect dispenser, digital display panel and built in cup holders are many of the great additional features!

Spaciously design to comfortably seat 5-7 people this Mauritius AirJet is perfect for big gathering and summer parties. Though also perfect for one person to stretch out when relaxing on your own. Now, you can truly sit back, relax and enjoy!

Dimensions - 2700mm Length x 1800mm Wide x 710mm High [3110mm length with pump]

Filled Weight - 1,395 kg [3,076 lb]

Water Capacity (80%) - 1370 Litres [362 Gallons]

Cable Length - 7m approx. 

Voltage - 220-240V~50Hz, 2,050W at 20°C, Class II

Actual Water Flow - 1,325 litres per hour [350 Gal/h]

Max. Heat Capability 40°C [104°F]

Certification - CE/EAC Approved

We have included the Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit [worth £29.99] for free, so you can set up your Lay Z Spa as soon as it arrives. 

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