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Porcelain Leaf Design Bergamot Fragranced Candle, Lighting, Spa Living


These matt touch Porcelain Tea Light Holders are handmade and exclusive to Spa Living. This simple open cup design is made from porcelain, with a unique leaf design that has been fired onto the translucent porcelain, makes them the perfect candle or tea light holders. Dot them around your home to add warmth and a soft glow. The candles have been made by a small candle maker based in Kent. They are natural, botanical and hand poured. 

Natural Off White Porcelain Spa Living candle holder.

Made from porcelain, which by nature is translucent.Fragrance description: Bergamot and Oud : Traditional inspired dark, warm & spicy agarwood combined with the light scent of bergamot blossom and citrus that transforms your home to an exotic Eastern mystery

Size - 7 cm Wide, 8 cm High 

Handmade in the UK
These lovely decorative tea lights can be found on the decking by the outdoor Cedarwood Hot Tub and in the Spa reception at SPAshell at Fishmore Hall Hotel.

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