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Sleep Well Lavender Eye Pillow - Liberty & Kaffe Fassett prints


Sleep Well Lavender Eye Pillow for total relaxation, yoga and sleep. 

This eye pillow is hand finished in an original Liberty Print and just arrived in Kaffe Fassett jewel coloured prints . Made with British Organic Lavender and Organic Brown Flax Seed. The Eye Pillow has a removable and washable outer. 

Use to help relax your mind and body, place the pillow gently over your eyes. The combination of the naturally scented lavender and the weight of the flax seed that moulds to the contours of your eyes. Helps to induce deeper relaxation and a sense of calm. As used in the treatments at The Treatment Room - Spa Living. 

All design prints are selected at random. Lining Suitable for Hand wash only.

Exclusive to Spa Living

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