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Zinc Leaf Balls, Outdoor Sculpture, Spa Living


The Leaf Balls are made of hundreds of individually cut leaves of Zinc which are layered and hand welded onto a spherical frame. They look stunning placed in flower beds surrounded by lavender, offering all year round interest in the garden, or in groups of threes and fives with the other sized Leaf Balls. Leaf Balls will add drama and excitement to any garden, entrance way or courtyard, either on their own or in a grouping with the other sized leaf balls. The Leaf Balls will start off a dark grey colour and will gently lighten over time, developing a beautiful aged Patina. 

Sizes Diameter  Weight
Small 25 x 30 cm  6 kg
Medium 40 x 45 cm  13 kg
Large 50 x 55 cm  19 kg
Extra Large 70 x 75 cm  35 kg
XX Large  90 x 95 cm 45 kg


Useful Home care & Maintenance 

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