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Summer Igloos, Hanging Tent Swing Chairs and Fire Pits from Spa Living.

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Suddenly summer is upon us and now is the time to make the most of the garden. If you are planning a late summer outdoor party or wedding and are looking for a grand gazebo then this Igloo without the ice is the answer!Garden Pavilion Igloo from Spa Living

The new Garden Pavilion Igloo is undoubtedly a show stopper and this stunning garden pavilion made an entrance at the Chelsea Flower Shop this year and Spa Living are very pleased to feature this King of Garden Gazebos. The stunning wooden floored gazebo is an eye catching static structure, which is designed for outdoor entertaining and living on a grand scale. This half sphere shaped Garden Pavilion has a large square area of 32m, making this ideal the place to entertain wedding guests, hold a special party or simply use for relaxation with friends. Additional canvas panels can be added to give more protection from the elements for your guests. The Garden Pavilion Igloo is priced at £7995 without the raised wooden floor or £9995 with the floor.

Cacoon Single Hanging Relaxation Swing from Spa Living

Of course many of us are looking for a space to retreat on a smaller scale and that is where the Cacoon Single Hanging Swing Chair is the perfect solution. If summer nights are chilly and you are already retreating indoors or you are looking for something to create a feature in a smaller outdoor space, then the Cacoon Hanging Relaxation Lounger is a super comfy hanging pod and a space to chill out, hang out and to relax. The Cacoon is designed for both adults and children. It is a place to escape and watch the world from a distance. This is your indoor swing chair, your hammock and your hanging garden retreat, all in one. The Cacoon can be hung from a tree or you can buy a special tripod so that you can literally take your Cacoon and hang it anywhere indoors or outdoors. The Cacoon comes in two sizes single and double and prices start from £218 for the single and the double is £285.

Cocoon Table fire bowl

Why not extend your late summer evenings with an outdoor fire. As Spa designers we know only too well the importance of using outdoor spaces for relaxation and a fire pit can create an atmosphere, which works for encouraging contemplation or conversation. The Cocoon Table Fire Bowl is a modern Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit. This sophisticated Outdoor Fire Pit is perfectly designed to recreate the warmth and attraction of an outdoor fire without the smoke of a traditional wood burner. Made of very strong and weather-proof composite that looks like stone, which makes them resistant to extreme heat and cold temperatures which means they can remain outside throughout the winter outdoors (covered with case that is supplied). Enjoy outdoor living with a stunning flame, light and warmth, without sparks or smoke. Retail Price £850.

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