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What are the therapeutic benefits of bathing

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The concept of bathing as a pastime has been recognised for centuries its healing and therapeutic properties. It was favoured by the Ancient Romans. Aquae Sulis is the Roman Name for the City of Bath which means "Water of the Gods"  and this is also the name that the Romans gave to healing waters that run from the Mendip Hills and emerge as a natural thermal hot spring in the city of Bath.  Mineral Waters are healing but so too is the simple pure mineral water that flows from your bathroom taps.

Hydrotherapy is the name given to concept of soaking the body in warm or cool water. A deep filled bath that will enable your body to be submerged, will give you a wonderful sensation of being lighter than you are on land. Did you know that you feel as if you have lost several pounds in weight when you float at the deep end of a swimming pool? The effect of water on your body is the sensation of applying a light pressure in all directions and so the bigger the tub or the deeper the pool the lighter you will feel. Bathing is not simply a way of making you feel better about your body but it's good for your body too. Warm water can help to alleviate back pain, relax aching joints and sore muscles and improve your general sense of well being. 

A short spa break is a really good way to quickly recharge your batteries. The benefits of the effects of a dip in warm water not only stimulate your circulation but also help to promote a sense of relaxation and well being  - check out our exclusive collection of spa experiences 


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