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Time to make a skincare resolution with Spa Living

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There always seems to be too much to do in life and we all talk about creating more time for ourselves, but that can and should also mean making time for our skin. During the Winter months our skin can look dull as the combination of cold wind and warm central heating may create imbalance, rough patches and skin that lacks lustre. By starting a skincare routine you will also be starting to make a little time for your self so its a win, win situation! A skin care ritual can be as simple as planning one day a month with a little extra time in the bath.

For your skincare routine,  begin with cleansing your skin in the usual way and follow with a good quality facial scrub. Some scrubs use small particles to help slough away dead skin cells and others use enzymes. Choose a natural scrub rather than one with synthetic particles as these can be too harsh for your skin. You should apply the scrub in gentle circular movements avoiding the area around your eyes. Rinse the scrub with luke warm water. Next apply a moisturiser or mask. Many moisturisers can double up as a mask so this is an easy way to give your skin a deep moisturise without punching additional products. Apply the moisturiser or mask and leave on whilst you are in the bath or alternatively you can leave some masks on overnight to give the product time to absorb fully into your skin. For your body care routine we love the Nourish Enrich set from Aromatherapy Associates

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