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You really can have your own Spa at Home

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Is the concept of Spa at home - really a thing ? 

For sure there is nothing that beats a treatment provided by a highly qualified professional, but there are many ways that we can reap many of the additional benefits that come from a spa experience,  in your own home. 

Circular Swing seat Creating a variety of different places in the garden to sit and take a breath and savour the moment  -  is a simple way to find a moment of quiet meditation. Using the outdoor space, no matter how small - a balcony is enough to perch a chair and give yourself a wider view on the world, no matter how urban - just look up and see the sky and get an immune boost from some fresh air. 

Light a candle and watch the flame flicker or use a lantern to light a dark corner and watch the shadows on the wall. Candles can provide the perfect atmosphere to help induce calm and a sense of well-being.

Outdoor patio heater and lantern Light a fire pit or use an outdoor heater to creates a cosy atmosphere outdoors. ...extend your evening and watch the stars appear.  A patio heater can extend your home to the outdoors and make your outdoor space more useable all year round.

A water feature can bring the sounds of nature to your doorstep. ..They will attract natural wildlife and enhance your local ecosystem and they can be adapted to fit smaller spaces. 

Water features from Spa Living

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