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Where to hang your Cacoon Relaxation Swing Chair

The Cacoon is a Hanging Swing Chair that you can use outdoors or indoors and the big question is where will you hang yours? Cacoon's can be hung from anywhere that has a head room of 2.5 metres. The Cacoon material is waterproof and UV resistant so you can literally choose to hang these lovely portable swings chairs anywhere you like!





Cacoon Swing Chair by Spa Living

 The expert team who created Cacoon were sail manufacturers for Ocean-going yachts and specialists in architectural fabric and textile technology. The Cacoon was originally designed specifically as a relaxation chair at The Scarlet Hotel and luxury Spa Hotel in Cornwall. The inspiration behind the Cacoon came from nature and was sparked by a colony of tiny hanging nests that are created by the Weaver Bird. These beautiful natural shaped havens for the birds were the perfect shape to recreate as a place to relax and retreat.



The Cacoon comes in a box with all the elements and comes with simple instructions of how to put them together. Cacoon’s can be hung from a strong fork in a tree or from a hook in your house. The Cacoon should be set at knee height so that you can sit into the Cacoon and swing gently free from brushing the ground once your body weight is in the Cacoon. Always sit back into the Cacoon rather than trying any other method! There are two different sizes available. The single Cacoon is created especially for some 'you time' or the Double Cacoon which is made for sharing.

You can also simply buy a ready-made tripod so that you can literally set up your Cacoon anywhere. For more information contact Spa Living at or Call 0118 9471857

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