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5 Tips for buying Outdoor Furniture from the Spa Experts

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The spa experts at Spa Living provide us with  5 tips for helping choose the right outdoor furniture for your garden or poolside.


  1. Be smart with your purchase. Look for furniture that may work for you both indoors and outdoors. There is a wide selection of excellent quality outdoor furniture on the market now that can look modern and stylish both outdoors and indoors. A small two seater sofa such as the Hampstead Sofa may be more practical than a larger one especially if the cushions are waterproof to enable you to move it outdoors as the weather improves.
  1. Choose outdoor furniture that is designed to last. Most rattan style furniture is made Polyurethane of which there are several grades. The higher the density and better grade, the better the resistance to the elements. Using a type of rattan called Viro as seen in the range from Thomas Bramwell, you will find that this will be more resistant to water and moisture, it wont stain and it wont fade.
  1. Think about your garden as you would your home and divide it into different zones or living spaces. You can do this with your choice of outdoor furniture; a smooth rounded lounger shape to follow a naturally abstract flowerbed or a sharper sculptural design against a wall for a chic urban look. Also think about where the sun shines at different times of the day. A bistro style table and chairs maybe perfect for a small square of sun first thing in the morning, whereas later in the afternoon there maybe a shady tree or small space that would lend itself to an Apollo hammock or a modern Globo hanging chair. Think about the style of furniture too. Just because you have grown up children or your home is sophisticated, this should not prevent you from creating seating that is fun as well as relaxing. There is something very soothing about a swing chair and there some excellent designs that look great as well as being very comfortable. 
  1. Think about the combination of furniture options. Consider two relaxation chairs with matching footstools rather than two loungers. This may give you more flexibility for your space and also create additional seating for more people rather than just two.
  1. Get out there ! As we recognize the value of using our garden or backyard as an extension of our living space, this is the perfect time to think about buying a fire pit or bbq to extend your outdoor season and start your summer early. 

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