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Spa Surfing The shark sup

Researchers are telling us that healthy lifestyle is a method of preventing up to 95% of diseases. It seems that our bodies are capable reprogramming themselves, if we treat our bodies with care and respect and that our health is not all down to our genes. With this in mind the trends in Spa move further towards exercising, and healthy eating as well as the more obvious pure relaxation on a lounger. Spa treatments can also be exhilarating!. Did you know that 36% of US surfers are female and that the combination of mood-boosting endorphins and an impressive workout at the same time has created this newfound direction for spa breaks? We love the idea that a Surf board or a Stand Up Paddle board is a great way to give your self back some ‘me time’. Its fun and it makes you fit! Take a look at The Shark for some serious high adrenaline fun at

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