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What is a Traditional Hammam Treatment and the origins of a Turkish Hammam Towel

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A Hammam is a relaxing spa treatment or ritual, which has been passed down the generations. Hammams are recognized as originating from Turkey, dating back to the Ottoman era although the Romans were also known to have enjoyed similar bathing rituals. The Hammam ritual follows a number of simple body cleansing and relaxation routines that are also designed to allow the mind to be at peace and help to create a sense of calm. 

Usually you will commence the Hammam with a cup of herbal tea or a cool drink to hydrate you. In a traditional Hammam you may go into a warm room, which is heated by a continuous flow of warm air, dry air, and then into a hot room. These rooms are often elaborately decorated as seen in the beautiful image from the Çemberlitaş Hammam in Istanbul, one of Istanbul's oldest. A stunning piece of Ottoman architecture.

Traditional- Turkish-Hammam-Spa-in-Istanbul

In modern Hammam's you may find that you are invited to lie on a specially designed flat massage bed or Hammam table. These tables would originally have been made of marble and here you can relax and enjoy the humidity of the room. The table may also be heated. Once really warm, you will be thoroughly scrubbed and exfoliated all over, to cleanse and purify your skin. You will then be rinsed with cool or cold water, which is poured, over your body to leave your skin glowing and revitalized. To complete the ritual your skin is massaged with a soothing body oil or cream. This helps to rehydrate your skin and leave it feeling supple and smooth. 


A Turkish Hammam Towel or Pestemal, which is its Turkish name, is ideal for this type of treatment as it is long and made of fine Turkish cotton that is light and easy to use and it is designed to absorb moisture easily.

Turkish-Hammam-Towel-from-Spa-LivingThe Hammam Towel is used in many spas may also have a towelling side, which also helps to make them ultra absorbent whilst feeling light to the touch. Hammam towels have a hand-finished fringe. These towels are also known as a Pestemal, fringet towel, or a tassel towel. A silk Peshtemal is called a Fota, but the Hamman or Pestemal Towel is usually woven by cotton, linen or bamboo yarn. Our Turkish Hammam Towels are made with the finest 100% pure Turkish cotton, which makes them super soft to the touch and kind to your skin.


Hammam Towels can be used as traditional bath towels, as beach towels or as an attractive summer throw for the bed or a chair. Hammam Towels are extra long and so they are ideal for using on a Poolside Lounger or Relaxation Chair

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