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A tip for Healthy Spa Living - Cucumber Water Recipe, Home Spa Tips

Cucumber water,tips for healthy spa living at home

Cucumber infused water is a delicious and easy way to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. If you go on a spa day  you may find that once you are ready for your treatment and wrapped in a soft cotton bathrobe, you may be offered a refreshing cooling glass of cucumber or another fruit infused water to help cleanse your body after a spa treatment. You can recreate a little of the Spa Living philosophy at home by keeping a jug or bottle of iced cucumber water next to your desk or on hand during the day and drink at regular intervals. You might also try sipping cucumber water after a bath in the evening. 

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  1. Cucumber helps hydrate to you

There are many benefits to keeping hydrated, like maintaining the right body temperature, helping your cardiovascular system, and assisting in the cleansing of toxins. Cucumber water adds that little something extra to regular water that makes you more likely to drink it more often, helping you stay hydrated each day. For the best results try using purified or spring water.

  1. Cucumber provides Vitamins and Minerals

Water is vital to the body, but by itself it’s not a great source of vitamins. When you add in cucumbers you’ll be adding in vitamins and minerals that will help supplement the rest of your diet. Many cucumber water recipes also add in other fruit such as strawberries , so you’ll be getting antioxidants and extra vitamins from those, like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. 

  1. Cucumber helps reduce your Appetite

Recipe-for-cucumber-infused-water-spa-tips-for healthy-livingWhen you feel hunger coming on before it’s time to eat again, see if you’re just thirsty. Thirst and hunger use the same signal, and drinking cucumber water can help determine if it’s really hunger that you’re dealing with.

  1. Cucumber Soothes the Skin

Cucumbers contain silica, which provides extra benefits to the skin. You can also use the cucumbers after you’ve finished the cucumber water. They’re great for helping to calm irritation caused by acne or other blemishes. You’ll be helping your skin from the inside, as well as topically when you add cucumber water to your skin care routine.

  1. Cucumber Helps Your Muscles

The same silica in cucumbers that helps the skin also helps your muscle tissues healthy. It’s a great choice if you’ve added a strength training regimen to your healthy lifestyle, or if you want to make sure that your muscles have all of the nutrients needed to function at their best. A daily glass of cucumber water makes a great contribution to the overall health of your muscles, and your body in general.

  1. Cucumber has Antioxidant and Detoxifying Properties

Drinking cucumber water during a detox program and you’ll be helping the body out even more. It contains antioxidants that will help battle free radicals, and helps the body flush out built-up toxins thanks to its hydrating effect. This kind of regular maintenance keeps you feeling great all year long. 


How to Make Cucumber Water

  1. Slice a cleaned, peeled (or unpeeled depending on your preference) cucumber into thin slices.
  2. Combine cucumber slices in water, and type with ice. Allow to marinate for at least an hour. (For best results, allow it to marinate overnight in the refrigerator.) The cucumber slices will float, so it’s important to top with ice to keep them submerged.


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