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No room for a spa? Create a tranquil outside space instead with these ideas from Spa Living

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Modern Gardens Magazine, review of Spa Living Chiselled Bowl and Water Feature

Water, Fragrance and comfortable seating are the essential ingredients to transforming an area of your garden into a relaxing space.  There might be a little spot that catches the early morning sun, or just before the sun sets in the evening. 

Introducing water to your garden will add a touch of spa atmosphere and this can be done with little fuss or expense. Running water is known to help you relax and to feel calmer, so adding a small water feature or a bowl of water, planted with lilies is the perfect way to create a little haven of tranquility. Try the Outdoor chiselled bowl, in slate grey which is designed with amazing glass fibre technology to be very strong and durable.  

There are so many options when it comes to seating, the quality of rattan sofas and chairs means that you can leave your garden furniture outside all year round and a hammock or swing chair can be slung from a shady tree to create a peaceful retreat. If you have a little more room, the Apollo Marine Hammock with wooden stand is exceptionally comfortable and spacious for two, or try the Cacoon single swing chair that is so versatile it can be used indoors or outdoors and is the perfect hideaway to escape with a book or a glass of wine. 

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