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Create a feast for your senses with Fire, Water and Fragrance from Spa Living

On a sunny summer evening there is nothing like being able to extend your time in the garden with a Flickering Fire Pit or BBQ or a Tranquil water feature to create a peaceful place to relax.

 The Fire Pit Ball, Outdoor Fire pits from Spa Living

Create a feast for the senses with the sound of running water, the warmth of a fire and the fragrance of some carefully selected plants. There is no requirement for a large space, even the tiniest outdoor terrace or courtyard can be transformed with some simple landscaping, a couple of Tall Collar Jars with potted bamboos and a fragrant Jasmine or climbing Rose can add colour and subtle fragrance. You might also consider choosing plants that will gently stimulate your senses with the fragrance of English Lavender, Sweet basil, Lemon Wild Mint or Camomile.

The Fire Pit Ball as an outdoor light feature by Spa Living You can also add lighting with some solar lights or a more sophisticated light such such as the Fire Pit Ball which has an LED lighting option so that you can light up your garden with this stunning colour changing feature light when the fire is not lit. 

Outdoor Seating, The C Swing from Spa LivingMany Spas offer outdoor seating and spaces to add an additional dimension to their treatments by using the garden to offer their guests a quite place for meditation and this is an idea you can use at home, to find a place to be quiet and a space to take some time out. A simple Hammock or a Cacoon can be slung from a tree or post or a free standing Globo Swing Chair can create a retreat from the world and help you to feel more grounded. The C Swing shown here on a frame to create seating for three.



Outdoor Hydro Massage Pool from Spa LivingIf your budget allows then an Outdoor Hydro Massage Pool is the perfect way to create a spa feeling at home. This superb quality hot tub is designed for six people with 21 massage jets and features a fully-equipped lounger and seats for five people. This Hydro Massage Pool is totally ergonomic, it has a full hydromassage circuit that gives up to six different types of massage, and is designed to have a number of beneficial effects on the body: relax muscles, give a lymphatic massage and relieve stress to create your own spa experience at home.

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