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The Spa at the Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath

A day at a spa is still a relatively new experience for many people and the term ‘spa experience’ might need a little further explanation. A spa experience is all about how something makes you feel and incorporating spa into everyday living is a lifestyle choice to promote good health and wellbeing. The term spa in the Oxford Dictionary is ‘a mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties’ and for visitors to Bath this would be an excellent reference point and one of the only places in the country where you can obtain the purist’s definition of spa. Bath hosts Thermae Bath Spa, a unique day spa where you can bathe in Britain’s only naturally warm, mineral-rich water. A visit to the Open-air Rooftop Pool is a must for any visitors, where you can enjoy spectacular views over the City of Bath and surrounding hills.

So what other types of ‘spa experience’ can I have? There are many other exceptional Hotels Spas and Day Spas, and by that we mean a place that you can visit just for the day without requiring membership, that offer spa treatments. Spa is a term, which can encompass a wide variety of facilities; The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa in Bath is an exceptional example of a hotel spa which is steeped in history and yet delivering a modern interpretation of the spa experience. This spa is a healing retreat where you can relax and unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a setting of fine architecture of impeccable heritage. The spa is warm and welcoming and because of its boutique style, this is a place that will help you to feel relaxed and at home.

Regardless of the spa venue, your spa experience should include the option for a water-based treatment, a relaxation area and a selection of professionally delivered body and face treatments to help to improve your sense of balance and emotional health. The spa should be pleasing to the senses; it should look good, smell good, and it should be peaceful and comfortable. The Spa experience may include use of the spa facilities such as a dip in a warm pool with jets of warm water, also known as hydrotherapy, a steam room with aromatic oils or perhaps a hydro shower, sometimes called a Monsoon shower or Vichy Shower. Your spa experience may also include a treatment of your choice perhaps a massage or a facial and a place where you can take time out to relax and to recharge your energy levels. 

 Wherever you choose for your first spa experience, we hope that you will enjoy the sensation of being pampered for a few hours and perhaps make a toast to the Romans that recognized the healing and therapeutic benefits of spa living.   

By Laura Johnson, founder of Spa Living, A brand new website for Spa Furniture, Spa Art, Spa Products and Spa Experiences. For a taste of spa life at home.


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