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Top Tips for booking a spa break

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Here are some useful outline tips to help you though the minefield of offers for spa breaks.
Setting the level of expectation
This spa  break will help to recharge your batteries and should give you some time to think and improve your work life balance. Do not expect this break to fix your broken heart or drop a dress size in one visit.
Getting value for money
The important things for a spa break are the pool, sauna and steam room also known as the ‘wet areas’. If these are good, then you can make sure that you use these facilities, enjoy the surroundings and the spa ambience and start to relax before your treatment. 
Time management
Make the most of your spa break by arriving on time. That way you will ensure there is plenty of time for a proper consultation before your treatment and for you and the therapist to decide which treatment will work best for you.
Start small
If this is your first trip to a spa then chose a ½ day package with a 30 minute or 1 hour treatment. This will help you to discover what you like about the experience, before you book a longer and more expensive pampering session. A really good short treatment can be just as effective and reap results as a longer one.
Choose the right attire
Take your own flip-flops and a comfortable swimming costume. The spa should provide towels and a bathrobe and may supply slippers but sometime these are charged as an extra so you can save a few pennies here by thinking ahead and taking your own. A second costume is a really good idea so that if you go for a swim you can change into a dry costume rather than sitting around in a wet one.
Good Vibrations
Choose a spa that comes with a recommendation from a friend or a reputable spa expert such as The Good Spa Guide
For a selection of really good quality spa breaks see our recommended spa experiences.


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