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Cacoons are portable swing chairs that can be hung in the garden or the office.

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These amazingly simply yet effective hanging swing chairs are based on the brilliant design of the nest of a weaver bird and just like the Weaver bird, you too can hide away, sheltered and cocooned, but still in touch with your surroundings. 

Cacoon's are inspired by the weaver bird nest

The Cacoon is made from a mix of cotton and polyester that makes it both flexible, practical and they are water repellant. You can hang them from a tree or a pagoda or even buy a tripod to enable you to move them around your garden and follow the shade! 

Cacoon single in the garden by Spa Living

The Double Cacoon Swing Chair is designed for two adults stretched out or blissed out! The Cacoon double hanging swing chair and lounger, is a space to chill out, hang out and to relax. These Cacoon's are so versatile, you can hang your Cacoon in a tree in the garden or hang it inside to create a cosy den. You will find these loungers in a number of boutique spas as they create a wonderful place to escape and watch the world from a distance. Special Price £325

This Single Cacoon Hanging Swing Chair is designed for both adults and children. It is a place to escape and watch the world from a distance. This is your indoor swing chair, your hammock and your hanging garden retreat, all in one. The single Cacoon is large enough for one adult or two children. With a diameter of 1.5m the single Cacoon hanging chair is our most popular size, inside or out – just perfect for the single adult ‘escape’ and for the children as a hide out. Price £235

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