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Mann Loungers just too cool for only by the Pool

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Mann Day Bed loungers from Spa Living

Finding a high quality lounger that is comfortable and is also stylish is not as easy as you would expect. Many loungers are made from a low grade rattan that will not last more than a season if left outside to the elements. 

We love these Mann Loungers given their name because of their shape that is cleverly  styled and ergonomically shaped to reflect the shape of a human body. 

This modern lounger looks more like a piece of sculpture than a relaxation bed. Reminiscent of the body shape, which is visually appealing and whats more it is seriously comfortable. The Eco rattan weaving on this garden sun lounger is used for the outer area for a stylish and chic look. This practical sun lounger is weatherproof so it can be left outside without any problem. 

Find these loungers at Santai Medispa, Genting, Birmingham, NEC.

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