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Commercial Pool loungers not common or garden loungers

Pool loungers from Spa Living

Pool loungers are very often over looked as an accessory that can be added to your spa garden at the last minute, with minimal cost. There is a common view that a pool lounger is 'just a pool lounger' and that you can pick one up at any home store. The reality is that a pool lounger that will be used in a commercial environment or indeed a lounger that you want to last more than one season, will take a high level of usage and need to be designed for the purpose.

Material: The structure of the lounger needs to be made of a suitable, durable material so that you can leave the lounger outside to the elements. The type of material used can vary, but you need to be looking for a synthetic rattan. There are various types around some flat weave  loungers such as the Hamptead Lounger and some with a circular weave such as this Sussex Lounger with softly sculpted arms and adjustable headrest. The metal framework of the furniture should be powder coated. This will protect the metal from rusting.

Cushions: The fabric for loungers has improved enormously in recent years and gone are the days of having to take your cushions inside every night or putting up with a damp seat so long as you buy the right quality of product. We provide most of our loungers with either with water resistant or waterproof fabrics. The waterproof cushions are designed so that they repel water and can withstand being exposed to the rain, wind, and sun. 

Style and Comfort. Not all loungers require cushions and a number of our more sculptural loungers have no need for a cushion. The Mann lounger is an example of a modern designed lounger with a built in arm rest that follows the body's lines to create a lounger that is both comfortable and visually attractive without the need for additional cushions.

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