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From Heart Shaped Soap Dishes to Love Seats for two

How many times have you wished your lounger was a bit more roomy? 

Loungers are all well and good but in our view they are a bit single user mode. We think that there is nothing nicer than a seat that can be shared. When designing an outdoor space we try to ensure there is always a place to get cosy, from a Jewel Day Bed or a Valentine Lounger to a casual Cacoon Swing Seat. Creating comfortable corners for quiet contemplation is key when designing spaces to make you feel calm. Spa Living are experts in Outdoor Furniture for relaxation that is designed to be shared.

Sharing the love outdoor seating for two from Spa Living

Double Cacoon Lounger from Spa Living These Cacoon Double Swing chair loungers are so versatile, you can hang your Cacoon in a tree in the garden or hang it inside to create a cosy den. Cacoon Double Hanging Relaxation Lounger £325 Special Offer was £395

Valentine Double Day bed from Spa Living

This Double Day Bed called Valentine for Outdoor Living is the perfect mix of comfort with style. This day bed or sun bed is suitable for two people or simply for one when you feel you really need to stretch out £2199.

The Jewel Day Bed from Spa Living The Jewel Day Bed is designed and crafted as a unique and iconic stand alone statement piece aptly called The Jewel. This very special day bed is a limited edition piece. This hand made, aesthetically beautiful day bed with its facetted sides and roof is inspired by precious gemstones. Like the gemstone it was modelled on, this rare piece is elegant and highly durable. Furthermore, it is fully waterproof, maintenance free and comes with a choice of colourful waterproof scatter cushions. Bathe in the glorious summer sun or get cosy in the evening with the Jewel. The Jewel Day Bed includes 6 scatter cushions which can be chosen from 9 different colour ways and patterns.
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