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Creating a warm glow in your home with candles and tea lights

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit a spa, you will have noticed the subtly fragrant atmosphere, created by selection of luxuriously scented candles and the warm soothing glow of an array of candles, tea lights and lanterns. At SPAshell we have recreated the feel of a swiss style spa. Our beautiful spa is clad in smooth Siberian Larch Wood and when it comes to lighting, we pride ourselves in having created a warm and inviting glow. 

SPAshell at Fishmore Hall Hotel at twilight

You can recreate this feel quite easily at home. Here is our selection of candles and tea light holders and lanterns that are sure to make your home feel more welcoming on a dark and chilly night. This fabulous oval shaped lantern is delicately painted with a white finish over the filigree metal design.can be used inside or outside. 

Amberley Lantern at SPAshell














We also love these delicate tea light holders that are made from a translucent porcelain with a spa leaf design that positively glow. Used in groups these tea light holders can light up a shelf or corner and flicker for hours. 

Spa Living Leaf Tea Light Holders

We also love the fragrance of a beautifully scented candle. Make sure you choose wisely for a candle with a pure and natural fragrance,. We love the Elemis candles which give a  delightful spa fragrance to your home. 

Elemis Fragranced candles from Spa Living














For more ideas see our full range of Spa Candles and lanterns.

PS.Warning never leave a candle unattended ! 


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