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Turn your summer into an Indian Summer with a Firepit

A Fire pit is the perfect way to extend your summer into the autumn.

At this time of year, we are all looking for ways to stay outdoors for a little longer, before we finally accept that the summer has gone. Fire pits and fireplaces can create a natural source of heat and a soft light that will create a cosy atmosphere as the evenings begin to cool, as well as a focal point for a little star-gazing.

Even if you aren't planning on throwing a party or do any serious entertaining, the ambiance a fire pit brings is well worth the investment alone, especially if you are into star gazing with a loved one while sitting next to a natural flickering flame. A fire pit creates a focus and a place to encourage conversation or simply contemplation.

Fire pits or outdoor fireplaces are also way to add a feature in your garden, on the patio or decking. With a little extra planting to add a touch of greenery, a fire pit is an attractive addition to your garden that can transform even the smallest back yard into an outdoor room, if you ever decide to sell it. They are attractive features that can really help make your home stand apart from others.

Firepit with an English country sceneThis is a hand crafted 6mm thick steel ball fire pit which comes alive when the fire pit is lit, making it a perfect centrepiece for your garden or patio throughout the year. The LED light will transform your fire pit into a stunning outdoor garden feature light when not in use as a fire.
This Fire pit Ball is a work of art as well as a functional fire pit. The English Country Scene is created with stunning hand carved view of English woodland. The Fire pit ball features a single stag flanked by a doe and fawn on one side. On the other side there is a couple in an embrace, making the most of the garden that surrounds them. Trees and smaller animals complete the ball to make an intricate piece of art that surround these figures. You will enjoy looking for the numerous English woodland and field animals, and for any romantic the couple stealing a kiss is bound to appeal.

Sometimes the weather may simply not allow you to enjoy your firepit outside, so with this Firepit there is a simple LED electric lighting system that transforms your firepit into a colour changing garden light

Fire pit with colour changing Garden Light systemThis lovely Firepit includes an LED Kit to convert your fire pit into a stunning outdoor garden light when the fire is not lit.

The fire pit ball is made from 6mm thick Steel Ball and comes with a stand. Available in Diameters: 650mm, 800mm, 900mm or 1200mm 

Prices starts from £1049. Call 01189471857 

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