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Metallic Golden Sun, Autumn Edit from Spa Living

As the sun begins to have a more golden hue, we look at the collection of metallics on offer that can add a soft warm lustre to your life and your home. There are plenty of beautiful ways to add sparkle and shine to your home with metal, whether it's a large sculpture, a sunburst mirror, a precious metal necklace, a sparkly piece of art or a bronzy coloured towel. Here are a variety of ways that interior designers are adding shine these days.Autumn Edit Metallics from Spa Living

A sunburst mirror like the Meath Links Mirror can create a feature on a wall and reflect light into your room.
Ripples Silver moon VasePutting a collection of metallics like this Ripples Silver Moon Vase together on a shelf can capture and reflect the light around a room.  

If you need to create more impact and want a change from traditional art then how about a modern piece of wall art, this modern Souk Embossed antique silver Wall plaque is a real eye-catcher. The Kasbah Hammered Bronze Wall Plaque will a touch of the exotic or the Shimmering Coral Cage in gold or silver.

Souk Embossed Antique Silver Wall Plaque Champagne Coral Cage Wall Plaque  Kasbah Wall Plaque


Lotus Lily Pod Silver pendant  If you want to keep that sunlight glow a little longer then perhaps this Lotus Lily Pod Sterling Silver Pendent should be on your wish list.



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