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What do I wear at the spa ?

The Bathrobe Question  - 'do I need one?'.

Generally you will find that most spas or hotels offering spa treatments will offer you a bathrobe on arrival. There will usually be a bathrobe and at least one large towel supplied with your treatment. Taking you own bathrobe can take up a lot of space in your bag and they are heavy to carry around. Bathrobes at spas are also usually designed to be lighter weight than your bathrobe at home. They are designed to be more absorbent and because of the warm environment they do not need to be as thick as the one you would have at home. If your bathrobe gets wet, then you may also be able to change it.

The 'Will it fit me' question - Will there be Bathrobes in my size?

Most spas do try to cater for a range of sizes of people and often you will find that the bathrobe is usually on the large side. It is much cozier to sit in a large bathrobe than one that is snug fitting. If you are smaller dress size then you might find that your bathrobe is a little oversized. Roll up the sleeves if your bathrobe feels too large. There are often two loopholes for the waist so this can also help to hitch the bathrobe up a little.

The 'don't want to go naked' question. What do you wear underneath your robe?

Wearing a bathrobe is the usual dress code during the day at most spas, but you might wonder what to wear underneath? If you are planning on using the pool before a treatment, then of course wear a swimming costume, but do remember to take extra underwear or a second costume because it is much nicer to relax after your swim in a dry costume than a wet one. If you are having a treatment first, then your usual underwear will be just fine. The therapists will advise you about your specific treatment and they are very professional in making sure you feel comfortable and keeping you covered up with a towel for modesty during your treatment. For certain treatments you might be offered a pair of paper pants to wear. This is to prevent that any oils or muds getting on your own underwear.

The 'Do I go bare foot?' question. Do I need any special footwear?

A good spa will encourage you to wear toweling slippers or flips flops in order to maximize cleanliness in the spa and pool areas and prevent mud and dirt getting onto the wet areas. Your flip flops or toweling slippers these may be included free with your treatment, however, some spas do charge for hiring flips flops so if in any doubt, take a pair just in case. Take a pair of trainers if you are planning to do an exercise class and a pair of warm socks for yoga.

The 'Where do I leave my things?' question. Do I take my things with me whilst I in the spa?

Depending on the size of the spa, you may be provided with a locker or possibly a lockable basket for all your personal belongings. Ideally you will remove all non-essential jewellery such as watches, necklaces and earrings as these could easily come off in the water or might get oily during a treatment. Unlike a traditional holiday swimming pool, or possibly a public leisure pool, you will not need to carry your things with you. It is very nice to wander around the spa without having to keep picking everything up every time you move around.

The 'Is it going to be a Bad Hair day?' question. Do I need shampoo and conditioner?

Most spas will offer complimentary shampoo, conditioner and body lotions in the changing rooms. If you have hair that requires special conditioner, then it is advisable to take you own. There also will be hairdryers provided in most good spa facilities and you may even find hair straighteners but do check if this is important to you.

If you are still unsure about any aspect of your spa treatment, contact the spa reception before your planned visit and you will find that they are very happy to advise you and they have probably been asked the question you are worried to ask, many times before! 


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