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What is a Spa Designer?

You will all have heard of interior designers, kitchen designers and bathroom designers but have you heard of a Spa Designer? A Spa facility has rapidly become an important factor in giving a hotel considerable added value and service to offer to its customers and to keep to ahead of the competition. The term Spa is used very broadly and of course we know that there is a wide spectrum of definitions of exactly what a spa is. Spa Designers are experts who have expertise in understanding what a spa should be and they specialise in making the spa experience the very best that it can be for the specific venue in question.

Spa Creators Mood Board

Typically a hotel or country club will have an idea that they want a spa, but may not be certain if there is a market for it. A spa design team will research the area for them, looking at other spas or leisure facilities in the area, and with much additional knowledge of the spa market they will put together a feasibility study and a recommendation for the type and size of spa that is required. Once the size and type of spa has been decided upon, based on both the budget and the space available, the Spa Designers will put together a plan, which will involve detailed designed drawings, a mood board of materials, colours and textures. They will specify everything from the materials to build the space, the type of swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool, the lighting, the types of loungers and even the products for the treatments, to build up a clear picture of how the spa will look and how the spa staff will work within the space.

Spa Design from Spa Creators

The Spa designers also think about how you move through the spa, where you relax, how you will be using the space and what types of experiences you will enjoy and how long you will be spending in a particular area. They think about the views, and the positioning of the equipment to make the most of the natural light or the views. This is called the Spa Experience or Spa Journey and it is absolutely essential in making your time in a spa the most comfortable and enjoyable that it can be. So next time you visit a spa, enjoy that ‘Spa Experience’.




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