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Bathtime Bliss from Spa Living

When it comes to making your bathroom a place for sanctuary there are just a couple of things to put on your tick list. Light, warmth and fragrance are a good place to start. A warm room will help to let your body relax more quickly and if the air temperature is closer to the water temperature then this will help to trick your skin into not knowing when the water ends and the air begins. If that is not so easy then think about popping a heated towel rail on for 20 mins before you run the bath, so that that when you step out of the bath you can wrap yourself in a warm towel or bathrobe. 

Fleece Bathrobe from Spa LivingChoosing a fleecy bathrobe that is both designed for warmth with a fleece outer and also practicality with an absorbent towelling lining will help to create a sensation of luxury for your bath time treat. Spa Living Bathrobe £70.00

Lighting an aromatic candle can add a warm glow and quickly change the mood of your bathroom. Choose a candle with a soy wax that burns nicely and with a pure aromatherapeutic fragrance.

Elemis Candles from Spa Living

The Elemis Frangipani Glow candle is an exotic blend of Coconut, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla from Polynesia just close your eyes and this fragrance will take you to far away shores. Frangipani Glow Candle £27.50

 You might consider adding some art to your bathroom space. Bathrooms are no longer simply a place to wash, but a place to sit and relax. If there is room then think about adding a small chair to put your clothes on. You could also add a piece of art to your bathroom.

Mirrors in bathrooms do not need to be traditional. We have a selection of mirrors that are both lovely to look at and are practical at the same time. 

Bali Mirror

This Bali Hammered mirror is made of brushed metal with an antiqued hammered gold effect. The attractive starburst design, makes this mirror a stunning and eye catching piece to add to your living space. Use the mirror to add an exotic Eastern influence to your home. Bali Hammered Mirror £135.00

for more ideas to turn your bathroom into a blissful spa go to 



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