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What is the appeal of the Cedar Wood Vitality Pool and what is so special about Cedar Wood?

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The Cedar Wood tree was revered by the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest, calling it the “tree of life” or “life giver”, and often used the timber for their building needs. Traditionally the Cedar Wood was the favoured material for house-building in centuries gone by, both for Native Americans and the early pioneer settlements.

What is the appeal of natural outdoor Cedar Wood Vitality Pool? For bathing, you want a wood that you can touch, and the cedar tree is very smooth. Each step up to the pool is individually selected and already warm underfoot. The sensation when you are lying against the side of the tub, its surprisingly smooth surface that is both comforting and cocooning.
Cedar Wood Vitality Pool at Fishmore Hall

The colour of the Cedar Wood tree is warming and inviting with its natural nuances in colour and tone. What is really surprising is the intoxicating woody resin scent that pervades the air as the warm water begins to gently heat the wood. This fragrance is surprisingly revitalising and particularly appealing because it is entirely natural.

 We love the patterns in the wood that create a gorgeous rustic appearance to meditate on whilst you relax and enjoy the view. 

If you would like to try a Cedar Wood Vitality Pool we can highly recommend the SPAshell at Fishmore Hall Hotel click here for details or call Fishmore Hall Hotel on 01584 875148.

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